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You Can Take A Virtual Tour Of Tutankhamun Exhibition in London

Tutankhamun’s treasures can now be seen online!

This wonderful exhibit was one of the hottest tickets in London, so this virtual tour it’s fantastic news.

The organisers have created a video tour which includes their favourite artefacts! We hope you enjoy this virtual tour, and stay tuned as, over the next few days they will explore the artefacts included in detail.

You can watch the video clicking here.

Looking for cool and fun things to do online?

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, all our tours have been cancelled until further notice. Please stay safe!

But you don’t need to worry! Because Wonders of London is bringing tours to you!

We are excited to announce that our Wonder Guides will be bringing you free online tours.

They will be sharing their knowledge and passion directly with you.

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14 Responses
  1. Claire Gerring

    My son is learning all about Tutankhamun’s treasures and he would love to watch the live tour. How do we go about him
    Watching it Friday at 11am?

    1. Katrina Sewell

      Sarah, can you point me in the direction of the diploma you are doing please ? I am interested in doing one myself

  2. Claire Fogg

    Has the date just changed? I thought it was sooner than that. My son is currently learning about Ancient Egyptians.

  3. Veronica Jones

    Thank you, most enjoyable. Do you know whether the exhibition at the Saatchi Museum will be re-opened after the restrictions are lifted ? We had tickets but the lockdown was put into place before we could go

    Many thanks

    Veronica Jones


    I was so disappointed not to be able to go to the Tutenkahmun exhibition, but going on this virtual tour gave me the next best thing. A wonderful way to visit places of interest.

  5. Good morning can to you tell me how the virtual Tutankhamen tour takes place As we really looking forward to this such a great thing at this time

    Thank you

  6. Lesley

    We were lucky to do the tour in November and it was great. If it reopens it is well worth a visit because it is the last time it will be in U.K. as once it returns to Egypt it will be going into the new museum. It was great to revisit online and you could see the displays so clearly ( no other visitors in your line of vision)