+44 7444 778207 info@wondersoflondon.com
+44 7444 778207 info@wondersoflondon.com

Work With Us

At Wonders of London, we believe in TEAM.  Team work makes the dream work.

‘All for one and one for all’: a cry of unity, an expression that underlined the importance of team members being there for each another no matter what.

None of us are as smart as all of us

As Jose Mourinho said: ‘Players don’t win trophies. Teams win trophies.’ At Wonders of London we are all individuals with different skills and specialities and that is good. Also we are all grown ups with a youthful outlook: we’re professional, trustworthy, hard-working and tuned into the ‘cutting edge’. We all know that team work is the biggest weapon that any business has in its arsenal. Add intelligence, talent, and creativity, and a Champions League winners medal is a mere formality.

More ‘We’ Less ‘Me’

We are strong believers that the most successful business relationships are those where clients allow their agency into the team dressing room. The most successful outcomes occur when we are partners rather than suppliers. Successful teamwork needs openness on all sides. From the moment we understand what our customers are all about and how they want our tours to be, we can begin making these tours the best experiences ever.

‘Successful people build each other up. They motivate inspire and push each other. Unsuccessful people just hate, blame and complain!’

Work with Us

We are a young company and as a result are aiming at creating our own rules within the tourism industry. One of our main goals is to give guides the opportunities to create their own tours in order to foster a greater love for this Wonderful city.

If you want to be a guide, if you love London, if you are a nice person and you are passionate about this, If you would you like to be part of our creative, ambitious, fun and innovative environment please send an email with copy of your CV and why you would like to work at Wonders of London to careers@wondersoflondon.com.

Partnership and Collaborations

We’re creative, full of ideas, friendly and easy to work with.
Just tell us a little about your organisation and its aims and what are your ideas, we’ll get right back to you.