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Wonderful Parks in London for Summer

Despite what Jon Snow and the Starks like banging on about, Summer is here; for a week or so. I joke, the weather people (who I mistrust) have promised us a wonderful summer and when summer we must endeavour to visit as many of London’s wonderful parks. One thing, in my opinion, that makes London the greatest city in the world is her abundance of parks. In deed we can describe London through the history of her parks which are all brilliant. Below you will find some of my favourite parks in London.

Top 6 parks in London

St James’s Park

I will start with my favourite park in London. This is St James’s Park. It is ideally located in Central London meaning you can easily explore wonderful London after or before spending a few hours in the park. There is a big lake in the middle which from any angle can make your photos the best photos in the world. In the middle of the lake you have a blue bridge which boasts magnificent views of the London Eye and the Shard from one side and Buckingham Palace from the other. Why not have a picnic here or simply walk around the park and explore. One thing that makes it my favourite park is the great wealth it has in the realms of wildlife. There are countless types of birds including, if you’re lucky, six black swans and three pelicans. Coupled with its Royal history (In particular George IV) this is the best park to watch the day while away.

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are two brilliant London parks next to each other and are brilliant places to have a meal and spend the day in. There are a couple of cafes by the Serpentine lake to get a coffee or a meal and enjoy them while watching the water. If the water is too attractive you can even go out and rent one of the several blue paddle boats they have to go boating on the lake. If paddling is not enough then why not the Serpentine Lido for bathing or a quick swim in the designated swimming area. Here you can relax in your swimwear and catch a tan if you so desire. If it’s art you’re after then visit one of the 2 Serpentine Galleries (the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in Hyde Park) which are dedicated to modern art. The Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens will soon be unveiling their 2018 Pavilion which will be a great place for several events. If art is not you cup of tea then why not visit the several fountains and gardens within the 2 parks. The Rose Garden in Hyde Park started blooming in the middle of May and promises to have wonderful flowers throughout summer. The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park is a wonderful place to rest and dip you feet in water in the busy city that is London. It is a great place to bring the kids so they can play in the calming waters. The Italian Gardens in Kensington Gardens were designed by Prince Albert as a present for Queen Victoria and they are a truly majestic set of gardens. Close to them is a little treat for the fans of Peter Pan. There is a wonderful statue commissioned by JM Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, close to the Italian Gardens and around here you can find many parakeets and squirrels. You can also visit Kensington Palace for a coffee in their coffee shop of a look at the beautiful Sunken Garden. While you’re there why not also take the opportunity to visit the exhibit they have in Kensington Palace on Princess Diana’s Fashion. And finally if this seems like too much walking then why not rent one of the Santander bikes or if like myself you can’t cycle then why not go for a horse riding session through these wonderful London parks.

Primrose Hill and The Regent’s Park

Primrose Hill and The Regent’s Park are two London parks next to each other and ideally located between Baker Street (for the Sherlock Holmes Museum, Madame Tussauds) and Camden Town (for Camden and the Camden Markets). From atop Primrose Hill you can admire the wonderful London skyline and see a lot of the glorious buildings that make up the heart of London. From here it is a short walk to the ZSL London Zoo which is in the Regent’s Park where you can see and learn more about animals. This is a great place for fans of Harry Potter because they filmed part of the first film here. It’s the scene when Harry Potter discovers he can talk to snakes and accidentally lets a snake escape using magic. My favourite park of the Wonderful Regent’s Park is known as Queen Mary’s Rose Garden. The roses started blooming in the middle of May here you can find 12000 roses and within them 400 different varieties of roses. It is truly a wonderful park.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a wonderful London park which affords you the opportunity to feel like you’ve left London without actually leaving London. It is located in Zone 4 and boast around 2500 hectares of nature preserve. It is the best place to spend a day and truly get lost in nature. Within the park you have more than 10000 trees; some of which are thousands of years old. You also have more animals than anywhere else in London. You have parakeets, bats, 10+ different kinds of owls, squirrels, bunnies, and countless birds and other animals. The true draw of Richmond Park are the 600 red and Farrow deer that call the nature reserve home. They are free to roam anywhere within the environs of the parks and truly make a visit here something  worthwhile. Richmond Park is an experience everyone must enjoy at least once in their lives.

Those are 6 of my favourite parks in London. Keep an eye out for more park articles as there are many more wonderful parks but these make the best way to start exploring London’s Wonderful summer parks. Why not join us on one of our park tours which you can find by clicking here.

I hope you get the opportunity to explore these wonderful parks and more this summer because remember “Winter is Coming!”

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