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Where can you capture the perfect photo with the iconic red telephone box?

Are you in London and looking to capture an original souvenir photo with the iconic red telephone box? Follow our advice!

Perfect Photo Red Phone Box
© Wonders of London

While everyone queues up at one of these booths here in Parliament Square, enduring long lines to take a photo that will end up being the same as seen by the whole world, and possibly not turning out the way you wanted due to the lack of time to take all the photos you desired, given the impatient glances from the people waiting behind you…

Here’s what you can do: head towards Big Ben, get to Westminster Bridge, and turn left along the Victoria Embankment.

After a short walk, you will come across two red telephone boxes, practically all for yourself – look, there’s nobody there!

Perfect Photo Red Phone Box
© Wonders of London

Take your time here and capture as many photos as you want, exactly how you want, without any rush and stress-free!

As an added bonus, you have the London Eye right behind you, offering a fantastic photo opportunity!

Perfect Photo Red Phone Box Big Ben
© Wonders of London

And of course, you can also include Big Ben in the background, creating a unique shot that few will have. The only drawback is that during the summer months, there is a tree obstructing the view, so you may have to accept that and, why not, take advantage of the opportunity to book your next stay right away, perhaps during the Christmas period, which will be even more magical, to capture the perfect picture!

If you’re curious you can watch the video of the perfect shot of Big Ben on TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Twitter and Linkedin!

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