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Watch the summer solstice LIVE from Stonehenge, wherever you are in the world!

Stonehenge is an ancient prehistoric world heritage site which has been a place of worship and celebration at the time of Summer Solstice for thousands of years.

Unfortunately Stonehenge can’t welcome you in person this year because of the measures in place to combat coronavirus – but English Heritage’s live coverage of sunset and sunrise means you won’t miss a moment of this special occasion.

To watch the livestream and for more information go to the English Heritage’s official event on Facebook clicking here.

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We are excited to announce that our Wonder Guides will be bringing you free online tours.

They will be sharing their knowledge and passion directly with you.

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  1. Caroline Allpress

    I would love to be able to actually see this beautiful landmark on the Solstice and be part of the experience 🤗💚