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This is the biggest clock face in London and in the whole of the UK

Probably the first answer that comes to your mind is that of Big Ben, whose face measures 7m in diameter. But no, in fact it’s not the biggest clock face in London.

London Biggest Clock Face
© Wonders of London

To find it, you have to walk along the embankment for about 10 minutes until you arrive at Cleopatra’s Needle!
And looking from there to the opposite side of the street you will be able to admire the clock with the largest face in London!

The building in question is called Shell Mex House, also known as 80 Strand and once known as “Big Benzene”, and was the London headquarters of the oil companies Shell Mex and BP for many years.
The building was constructed in 1930, damaged by a bomb in 1940, but quickly restored, and since 1987 it is Grade II listed.

London Biggest Clock Face
© Wonders of London

The clock, which has a twin on the opposite side, has a diameter of 7.62m and is the largest in London as well as in the whole of the UK, being just 2cm bigger than the clocks on the Liver Building in Liverpool!
But it is interesting to note that in the ranking of the largest clocks in the world, it is only in 26th place.
Top of the list is a clock located in Saudi Arabia with a diameter of 43m and in second place one in Turkey measuring 36m.

If you’re curious you can watch the video of the biggest clock face in London on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter!

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