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Things to do on The Glorious Bank Holiday 2018

Once again they stole St. Georges from us and didn’t make it a bank holiday! Don’t they know that it’s not just a day off for us? That we want to celebrate the glorious traditions surrounding the killing of a dragon hundreds of years ago… I wonder, does celebrating St. George’s make you anti Targaryen? Well maybe it is just a day off and we have another Glorious day off, I mean bank holiday coming up on the Monday the 28th of May! If you need help planning your day look no further. Below are some suggestions for things to do on this wonderful day.

What to do on The Glorious Bank Holiday

? Barbecue

While I may not be a big believer in the weather reports, they almost always get it wrong, the met are forecasting a mostly sunny, if not sizzling, day this 28th may bank holiday, so why not visit one of the many places in London you are allowed to have a barbecue. If you have one there is always your garden to begin with, if not why not try some of these places?

Lincoln’s Inn Fields in Holborn has a fire friendly square where you are allowed to light up a barbie and while away the day in the glorious sunshine.

Perhaps you might want to join some of the hipsters and spark up the coals for a nice bit of brisket in the London Fields in Hackney. With a designated cooking area near the south of the park this is an ideal location to spend the Glorious bank holiday in the East.

Generally a lot of the squares and parks in the borough of Camden allow barbecues however when they do not they clearly sign post it. The ones where they allow barbecues tend to have a metal wheelie bins for disposal of rubbish. They do require portable charcoal barbecues and have a ban on disposable and gas barbecues. They also request that we clean up afterwards, but one great square to have on in Camden is Russell Square, especially if you also want to visit the British Museum.

? Vintage Shopping

If you are into Vintage clothing but unfortunately have to work on the actual Bank Holiday then why not visit the Peckham Kilo Sale which is on the 26th and 27th of May. This vintage clothing event boasts six tons of clothing and you can buy everything by the kilo at a rate of £15 a kilo. This is an ideal activity for the glorious bank holiday weekend for lovers of vintage clothing. The event is being held in Copeland Square and starts at 10am on both Saturday and Sunday. There is a minor entry fee (early bird £3, Regular £1.50) but compared to some of the wonderful things you can find this is a negligible fee.

? Arts and Culture

If arts and culture are your thing then why not make a day of it with a marathon four day visit to as many of London’s glorious museums this bank holiday weekend. You can start on Friday when most of the museums and galleries are open later. The National Gallery and National portrait Galleries are open until 9pm on Friday and the Victoria and Albert museum is open until ten pm on Fridays as well. The Tate Britain unfortunately closes at six everyday however on Fridays and Saturdays the Tate Modern is open until 10pm every weekend. Why not check out some of these museums’ collections and many more on this bank holiday weekend.

Victoria Park ?

If you want to keep it East on the glorious 28 May Bank Holiday then I would recommend visiting Victoria Park in South Hackney. This year is an important year for women and the Women’s Movement. It marks 100 years of some women in Britain gaining the vote through the Suffragettes movement in 1918 and this glorious bank holiday there is an event in Victoria Park celebrating this momentous event. It is on 28 May and will be running all day in the park. The event is called “All Points Equal” and begins at 10am. It is an ideal place to take the family and learn more about the Suffragettes and their lasting legacy. 


And finally, if it’s walking you love why not join us at Wonders of London for one of our many “free pay what you want” walking tours. We have several running throughout this glorious bank holiday weekend. Why not Explore Greenwich with us, or take a walk through Royal Westminster or find out things you didn’t know about Harry Potter or Jack the Ripper? You can find an entire list of the tours we are offering on the bank holiday weekend and other days by clicking here.

I hope we have given you some great ideas on how to spend your weekend and hope you deserve this well earned time off.