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The silent disco at the Natural History Museum will be back in 2023!

Make waves on the dance floor and curate the soundtrack to your night at the NHM silent disco. 

Silent Disco Natural History Museum
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Silent Disco at the Natural History Museum

The silent disco at the NHM will be back in 2023 with so many dancing nights throughout the year.

Unfortunately most of the dates are sold out already, so you need to be fast to grab your ticket!

Guests will be able to enjoy a unique silent disco experience in the wonderful venue which is the museum of course, a full bar serving a range of drinks and three DJs playing simultaneously.

Wonders of London will be dancing (in silence!) on Friday 31st of March, and we can’t wait! Both Vincent and Marco will join the event and if possible we will take videos and show you the full experience! Maybe even a silent live on Facebook and TikTok 😎

For more information and to get your ticket, click here.

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