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The National Covid Memorial Wall: 150,000 hearts for each life lost to Covid-19

150,000 red hearts have been painted representing the victims who have died of the coronavirus, on the National Covid Memorial Wall, opposite the Houses of Parliament.

The wall started Monday last week, and in less than a week, about 60,000 unique hearts have appeared on the two-metre-high wall. The target of 150,000 should have been reached by now, reflecting the number who have died with Covid-19 marked on a death certificate in Britain.

The National Covid Memorial Wall is the idea of the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice campaign group.

Group co-founder Matt Fowler said: “The mood here is really good, really positive.”

“So many people are either bereaved, they’ve lost a loved one, or they are otherwise moved by what they’ve seen here.”

“It’s obviously very personal, but I think with the time we are in now where we are beginning to come out of lockdown, people feel it is the right time to reflect, and this really seems to resonate with people.”

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