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The Holborn Viaduct, a wonderful Victorian era road bridge on the edge of the City of London

The bridge was built as part of a series of works to improve London’s road and sewer system, and was opened by Queen Victoria on 6th November 1869.

Holborn Viaduct London
© Wonders of London

The viaduct crosses the valley of the River Fleet, a river which still exists underground and flows into the Thames at Blackfriars Bridge.

Along the bridge you will find bronze statues, winged lions, dragons and Victorian style lamps, as well as four female statues representing Agriculture, Commerce, Fine Art and Science. Thete are also four statues of very important people of the time on the four pavilion buildings at the corners of the bridge. These buildings were erected later to allow pedestrians to move between the upper and lower street level.

Holborn Viaduct London
© Wonders of London

Unfortunately the two buildings on the north side were damaged during the Blitz of 1941 and then faithfully rebuilt. Even the lamps are 2018 replicas based on the original Victorian designs.

If you are in London do not miss this wonderful viaduct, and remember that in the lower part, between the vaulted arches of the viaduct, you will find an excellent wine shop, The Winemakers Club.

If you’re curious you can watch the video of the Holborn Viaduct on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter!

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