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The church in London that inspired the wedding cake!

We are talking about St Bride’s, in Fleet Street in the City of London, one of the most famous and fascinating historic churches in London.

Wedding Cake St Bride Church
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St Bride’s was rebuilt in 1675 to a design by Sir Christopher Wren.

The bell tower was completed 28 years later, in 1703.

The story goes that in the 1700’s, a baker who lived nearby on Ludgate Hill, wanted to make an impressive cake for his fiancée.

His eyes fell on the bell tower of St Bride’s, which inspired him to create the first tiered wedding cake, a bit like the traditional one today!

London Museum St Bride
© Wonders of London

In the past wedding cakes were quite different from those of today, for example a recipe from 1685 called for oysters, lamb’s testicles, pine nuts and rooster’s combs, also there was a compartment for live birds or a snake to entertain guests.

If you come to London, it is highly recommended that you visit this beautiful church so full of history, Samuel Pepys was baptized right here and Charles Dickens lived in the parish for a certain period.

There is also a wonderful crypt and a museum full of historical artefacts, all free to visit.

London Museum St Bride
© Wonders of London

If you’re curious you can watch the video of the church on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter!

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