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The 5 most instagrammable bridges in London

Dividing the English Capital in two parts, the River Thames is crossed by 35 bridges. Some are splendid, others are architecture-wise not. In this article we will explore the ones that you can’t go home without seeing.

1. Albert Bridge (Chelsea, closest tube stop: Sloane Square, District and Circle Lines)

This is absolutely my favourite one, especially at night time when all the lightenings give it a very special character. Built in 1873, it became known as ‘The Trembling Lady’ for its unstable nature, at the point that the soldiers were told to do break steps when marching over the bridge.

2. Hammersmith Bridge (Hammersmith, closest tube stop: Hammersmith, District, Piccadilly, Circle and Hammersmith Lines)

Opened in 1827, it was the first suspension bridge in London. However, the current one was built in 1887. Admire the decorative additions while crossing the lowest and weakest bridge! Only for the bold ones!

3. Millennium Bridge (Southbank, closest tube stop: St.Paul, Central Line)

Built in the new millennium, it is probably the most recent one. Its peculiarity is given by all the little work of arts sticked on the bridge. Have a look at my article to find out more! It was nicknamed the Wobbly Bridge after its swinging and twisting on the opening day. Even though people seemed enjoying it, the problem was soon fixed. Hopefully, London bridges architects have learn the lesson this time! Don’t miss out on the stunning view of St. Paul.

4. Golden Jubilee Bridge (Embarkment, closest tube: Embarkment, District, Circle, Bakerloo and Northern Lines)

Its innovative architecture and contemporary style make it one of its kind. It offers stunning views across the City and the River Thames!

5. Tower Bridge (Tower Hill, closest tube: Tower Hill, District and Circle Lines)

Probably the most famous and this is the reason why I decided to keep it for the end. Its majestic structure and imposing architecture are indeed one of a kind. It is possible to reach the top gallery and walk on a glass floor while soaking up the marvellous views. Enjoy the adrenaline!

Don’t forget that London swarms with bridges. Even though the bridge might not be spectacular, the view might be! A clear example is London Bridge! Whether it’s day or night, they all won’t let you down.

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