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St Paul’s Cathedral could face closure without tourism cash

After tourism cash fell dramatically during the pandemic, if more regular funding is not found, St Paul’s Cathedral may have to close permanently.

St Paul's Cathedral

BBC reported that St Paul’s is facing a huge financial crisis, the worst in 300 years, after tourism income dropped by 90 per cent last year when it was closed during lockdowns.

A project to fix a lead roof, which is dating back centuries, has been shelved and even if some staff have been furloughed, 25 per cent of the staff have been made redundant.

Dean of St Paul’s, the Very Rev Dr David Ison, said “If we can’t raise the resources to be able to employ the people to look after the building and pay for the heating and lighting, we would have to shut our doors”.

He also said that the Church of England has 16,000 churches and diocese to run and most of its income pays for clergy.

“These heritage buildings belong to all of us and the church has been the custodian for many generations, but the church no longer has the income to do that, it’s just spread too thinly.”

“We’ve got some big decisions in our country about our heritage and how we’re going to manage that going forward,” he added.

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