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Petition to make June 21 a Bank Holiday to celebrate end of all restrictions

The petition is to create a one off Bank Holiday, to be known as Merriweather Day, on Monday June 21st 2021 as an opportunity for families and friends to come together.

The petition was created by David Metcalf and already got more than 22,000 signatures. Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures and at 100,000 signatures, the petitions will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Boris Johnson said that he is “very optimistic” he will be able to completely end coronavirus restrictions on 21 June.

What do you think, are you optimistic too?

Click here if you want to sign the petition.

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1 Response
  1. Melanie

    I would love to have this day as a bank holiday to be able to se my grandchildren particularly our youngest, is only 16 months old and her mum works as a nurse so we have only seen her about 3 times since last March so she doesn’t really know us because her mum and dad where protecting us from the virus and her mum caught the virus so just to hold her and hug her would be fantastic.