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Vincent Edward Manda Guide


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Vincent can usually be found on another plane of existence contemplating the jazz of modern ideals (whatever that means). When anchored in reality he is most likely to be found walking the wondrous streets and parks of London with the aim of learning all of her secrets! His favourite king is Charles II (rumoured to have had thirteen or fourteen mistresses including the awesome Nell Gwyn) and George IV (his nickname was “The Pleasure Prince”  and had nine+ mistresses). When we interviewed his mother she would only say “Vincent is not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!” Baldrick is his servant…

*Disclaimer: While he may be a descendant of the famous Pirate Queen from Ireland (Grace O’Malley, which in Gaelic is Gráinne Ní Mhaille), Vincent is NOT a king. Should he also “allude” to being a spy, we have never worked with MI5, MI6, GCHQ or the CIA… He is NOT a spy! Although, that is what a spy would say, isn’t it?



As we love creating new and exciting tours, our tours are labours of love. A value we built upon is that we want everyone to be able to attend and enjoy our tours.

As a result we settled on a Free Pay What You Can method (like Radiohead did with one of their albums; they are a band some us hate). This means, barring certain fees like entry into attractions such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey (when specified) etc, our walking tours will always be FREE. Should you enjoy our tours and be able to, we wish to encourage you to tip or make a donation of any amount you like to our guides so we can continue to create wonderful tours. We are, however and unfortunately, not funded by governmental or private organisations, or local councils. Any tips or donations you are able to make will help us to create and offer more tours and grow. We also want people to know that save for superbly terrible weather, travel conditions or circumstances beyond our control, all of our tours will always run.

One of our specialities is creating tailor made tours. A venture we are currently working on that ties into our founding values is called Equal Opportunity Tours. These tours aimed at providing tours for families or groups that have members who may have auditory or mobility impairments. We are working on creating tours and versions of some of our current tours that are 100% accessible to people with mobility issues and tours including sign language interpreters for people with auditory impairments.

We believe that this will open the wonders of London to everyone.