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Ben has had a passion for history for as long as he can remember, namely Victorian and Edwardian history, as well as the social history of Britain between the wars (This is also reflected in his love for classic English literature.) Ben trained as an actor for three years at Drama Centre London, graduating in 2017. As well as working as an Actor he is also a professional Musician/Singer-Songwriter and is currently writing and recording his own original material. Due to his impressive physical status (at 6′ 5”) along with his acute sense of comic timing on and off the stage, flattering comparisons with John Cleese and Hugh Laurie have often been made. However, he is perhaps a little more familiar with phrases such as “Gosh, aren’t you tall!” and “Could you reach that pot of live natural yoghurt for me please, young man?” from little old ladies when frequenting local supermarkets.