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London is one of the most expensive cities in the world

Based on a couple of reports, London is the third least affordable city in Europe for renters and the sixth most expensive location in the world.

The first report is from ECA International which released their findings after analysing more than 480 locations in 2020.

London is the 6th most expensive location in the world. According to the report, London’s ranking is largely attributed to high rental accommodation costs in areas popular with expatriates which are almost a third higher than in Geneva and twice as high as in Paris.

The second report is from Mashroom, which has dug into the data and revealed which European countries are embracing the renting movement the most.

London is in third place, which with an expensive £18.13 per sq m in rent per month.

We know, London is a rather expensive city, but it is definitely the most beautiful city in the world!

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