Join our Livestream ‘Walk by the River Thames London Walking Tour’ with Vincent!

On Saturday our camera will capture the best views of the Embankment area, allowing you to connect with London from the comfort of your own home.

Livestream Tour Walk River London

Watch the wonders of London LIVE from Embankment.

We can’t welcome you in person right now because of the measures in place to combat coronavirus – but our live coverage means you won’t miss the wonders of London.

When: Saturday 11 July at 1pm BST – Live starts around 12:50pm

Route of the tour: Westminster Station, New Scotland Yard/Ministry of Defence, Whitehall Gardens, Embankment Gardens, Cleopatra’s Needle, Waterloo Bridge/Somerset House, Temple of London, Opposite Tate Modern, Millennium Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral

The tour doesn’t take you inside any premises.

Tickets are 2.99£ per person.

HOW TO REGISTER in 3 steps:

1 – Please pay 2.99£ through Paypal on this link https://www.paypal.me/wondersoflondon

2 – Send a request to join this Facebook group where Vincent will go live on Saturday https://www.facebook.com/groups/walkbytheriver/

3 – Send an email to [email protected] with subject ‘WALK BY THE RIVER’ and body of the email ‘your full name on Facebook’ + ’email address used for the Paypal payment’.


Looking for cool and fun things to do online?

You can now join our new livestream tours on Facebook!

Price is just 2.99£!

Click on the image below to access the livestream tour on Facebook.

Livestream Tour Walk River London
Saturday 11 July 1pm
8 Responses
  1. Julie

    When I booked this earlier in the week there was no mention of payment & I thought I’d booked on it. Disappointed not to be able to work out how to get on it – thought it was a Facebook Live.

    Also who spends I’ve not seen 2.99£ before – £ always at beginning so wondering if that’s genuine. Oh well – never mind I’ll have to wait til I can get up to London for my own free walk.

    1. Wonders of London

      Hi Julie,
      I am afraid the livestream tours we are doing now every weekend cost £2.99 per person, and payment information and instructions have always been there. It is a Facebook live yes and if you want to access the tour you will have to pay £2.99 as written in the article and also on Facebook.
      Not sure why you think that because of ‘2.99£’ this could be not genuine. It is all genuine, we are a very multicultural company and I believe in many other countries people are used to write it after, that’s it. But we will be more careful of course!
      Also if you go on our Facebook page you will find many videos and Facebook lives which are free to watch 🙂

  2. Angela Armbrecht

    Hey there. I’m traveling and missed this but paid via PayPal just now and followed all the instructions – I am hoping even though the walk has been completed and I paid late, that maybe I can still watch it after the fact? I’ll cross my fingers. Thanks!

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