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+44 7444 778207 info@wondersoflondon.com

Join our Jack the Ripper Livestream Tour – Live from Whitechapel in London

Step back in time with this livestream walking tour and discover the intriguing secrets that lie behind Jack the Ripper’s murders. Only for the bold ones!

Livestream Tour Jack the Ripper

The tour doesn’t take you inside any premises.

When: Saturday 17 April at 8pm GMT (livestream starts at 7:55pm GMT).

Duration: around 1 hour.

Tickets are £4.99 per person.


Tickets are available exclusively on the Facebook event page.

You need to ‘Purchase Access’ in order to join the livestream tour. Click on Get Tickets and you will be able to purchase access.

Click here to register on Facebook.

Who was he? Some reckon he was a doctor, others a butcher, but what do you believe? Be a detective for a day and use our clues to build your own theory!

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