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“Jack The Ripper Tour” for everyone!

I am very proud to talk about this great collaboration with the Empowering Deaf Society. On 6th March we organised a ‘Jack The Ripper’ Tour with an interpreter, as proposed by Marcus, the person in charge of the organisation.


Generally for deaf people it is impossible to participate in this kind of events since they always need to pay interpreter. So, this time we decided to run a free tour for them!

As Marcus reported ‘it was something unique, that they had never seen before. My intention was to break down the barrier and make this accessible to the deaf community’. He is definitely proud to have managed to organise this event and we are happy to have contributed to turning it into a huge success.

And the icing on the cake is that those people who participated in the tour started sharing their experience with other.

We are very glad to have been part of this project and our aim with this article is to share with you all the great outcome of this collaboration.

Jack the Ripper Tour Empowering Deaf Society