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Here is the narrowest street in all of London

We are talking about Brydges Place, a small alley that connects St. Martin’s Lane to Covent Garden, and which in 2019 was used as a filming location for the film Last Christmas.

Narrowest street London
© Wonders of London

In this hidden lane we find the famous pub The Marquis (of Granby), once a hangout of Charles Dickens, with artwork on the outside walls depicting what the pub may have looked like in the past, and an old lamp probably from the 19th century. 
We also find The Brydges Place Club, a very exclusive private club, founded in 1982 and spread over five floors of this Georgian residence. The club now has 1,300 members from various backgrounds, but it used to be mostly for actors and was extremely difficult to access.

Narrowest street London
© Wonders of London

Just around the corner from here, there is said to be a passageway with a secret path to the Garrick Theatre Royal Box! 
Carrying on walking, we come to the narrowest point of the alley, which narrows down to just 38cm! 
And if you manage to get through, you’ll end up in St Martin’s Lane, right next to Trafalgar Square, or maybe you will get stuck between the walls forever!

If you’re curious you can watch the video of the narrowest street in London on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter!

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