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The craziest Halloween Week in London: Fun Activities and Events

Three things are happening: the days are getting darker and darker, spider webs are starting to pop up everywhere around the house, and all the shops are placing huge pumpkin-related orders. Can you guess what that means?

Exactly, the time for “trick or treat” is almost upon us. Ghastly gals and spooky boys, it’s Halloween again! And if you want to live an experience you’ll never forget, there’s only one place you can go: London. So, open your suitcase, put your witch’s hats and vampire fangs inside, hone your makeup skills and you’re good to go. Spend the night at the wonderful Radisson Blu Hotel London Stansted Airport and the next day, get ready to head to the city.

London is the perfect place to celebrate this spooky event: haunted places, ghostly tours, scary family activities. We’ve listed our pick of the best Halloween activities and events to pass on to you some excitement. Yes, you could dance the night away at a quite usual party in Shoreditch or you could do something more original: it’s up to you.

The Ten Bells

Let’s start simple: a haunted pub. Simple enough, isn’t it? Crazy as it sounds, some of London’s pubs were born in the seventeenth century, and they’re still fully active today. Just imagine all the legends and the stories behind those places: and yes, we’re talking about ghost stories as well. The Ten Bells is one of the most famous pubs in Spitalfields, in the East End of London: are you ready to know why?

It’s associated with the tale of Jack the Ripper. Is there anything that sounds more intriguing than that? In addition to that, they say there have been a couple of sightings of spectres unrelated to Jack the Ripper. Well, if you scare easily, just stay away from the rooms upstairs and stick to the ground floor. You can choose from a wide range of beers and you will find a charming party atmosphere with live music and quiz nights.

The Grenadier

If you’re planning to pub crawl on Halloween, your next destination should definitely be the Grenadier. The second you set foot in this spooky pub on Halloween, you will feel a chill in the air or hear a sigh from the cellar. Already scared? Legend has it that back in the days a Grenadier guard named Cedric failed to pay his gambling debt and got punished by his comrades: aren’t you dying to meet him?

You won’t actually meet him in the flesh… but rather in a more ghost-like state. Okay, you’re not probably dying to meet him in any state but don’t be surprised if you see money stuck on the ceiling: that’s the patrons of the pub and other tourists trying to pay off poor ol’ Cedric’s debt.

Hogwarts after dark

Do you freak out every single time someone mentions Harry Potter? Well, Halloween is the best occasion to make your dreams come true and head to Hogwarts. Yes, Hogwarts. After last year’s popular events, witches, wizards, and muggles are once again invited to enjoy an unforgettable experience (along with a tasty Halloween feast) on the set of the Great Hall: if you’re a real fan, you know what we’re talking about. More than 100 floating pumpkins will adorn the ceiling and the long wooden tables will be laden with apples, pumpkins, and magic cauldrons.

And – brace yourselves – after this, you will pick up a lantern and follow the spiders into the scary Forbidden Forest where you will have dessert next to Buckbeak and Aragog (note for those who haven’t read the book or seen the films: we’re talking about a hippogriff and a giant spider, isn’t it fascinating?). Death Eaters will probably be roaming around but a lesson with Wand Choreographer, Paul Harris, will set you up to fight them: you will master all the wand combat moves just like the real characters.

The Crystal Maze Halloween Edition

Alright, you are probably too young to know what “The Crystal Maze” is (footnote, it’s a cult ‘90s game show). Imagine a group of people making their way through a maze, completing challenges and collecting crystals: the crystals can be used to gain more time to successfully complete the final challenge (the Crystal Dome) and win the game. Now add “Halloween” to these elements. What comes out? A group of people making their way through the maze… while having the Blood Baron on their heels: this vampire is known to be a master in deception and manipulation, some say he will be able to turn you against your teammates. Are you ready to dare the Blood Baron’s Maze? Just know that you will remember this scary experience for a very, very long time.

So, what are you waiting for? As the witching hour approaches, London is the place to be. Lucky for you, this won’t be your only occasion to visit London. In fact, it’s likely you will want to come back for Easter or in the summer. Well, if this assumption is correct, remember this: if you book from 19 November until 27 November you can save 30%. Just so you know.

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