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Gaia, a touring artwork by UK artist Luke Jerram, at Southwark Cathedral

Gaia is on display at the London’s oldest gothic Cathedral until the 30th of October

Gaia Luke Jerram Southwark Cathedral
© Wonders of London

Luke Jerram is a multidisciplinary artist who lives in UK but works internationally. Jerram’s work involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live artworks, with the objective of creating art projects which inspire people around the world.

Gaia is one of the most spectacular artworks by Luke Jerram, a very detailed sculpture of Earth that measures seven metres in diameter.

Luke Jerram Southwark Cathedral Gaia
© Wonders of London

Gaia accurately depicts the surface of planet Earth as it would be viewed from space using detailed images from NASA.

This wonderful artwork is touring the world and will remain at Southwark Cathedral until the 30th of October, before moving to the next location.

© Wonders of London

Tickets can be booked on the Southwark Cathedral website, they are free for a daytime visit, while it will cost you £5 for the evening time which we strongly recommend.

Enjoy our videos here, both during daytime and evening time:

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