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‘Frieze’ it before winter comes…

Whether you need to let off steam or for a simple stroll, parks are always the best choice. In London, you are spoilt for choice. But what if you could combine a relaxing afternoon stroll at the park with a cultural experience? This is now possible until 6th October in Regent’s Park.

What is Frieze?

Frieze Sculpture is a unique open-air contemporary art exhibition, a collection of 23 exceptional works created in the last few years by artists of 17 different nationalities. All the sculptures are spread across the park and they will be on display until 6th October 2019 and admission is free.

How you can make the most of it…

How I found out about it? I just bumped into the sculptures randomly while I was having a walk in Regent’s Park. However, there is a more structured way to follow in order to better enjoy them all. How? There is an app called “Frieze” (unfortunately only for iPhone) that will show you the path and reveal all the hidden meanings that lie behind these absolute masterpieces. And if you bring along the little ones, why don’t you share with them the excitement of a ‘sculpture hunt’?