Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn up for a walk without booking first?

It is very possible that our tours will be full so if you turn up without booking you may well miss the tour. We limit numbers on our tours to make them more personable and to maximise enjoyment, so we would have to turn you away if this number has been reached. However, those who booked online will be prioritised, followed by a first to arrive basis. If you don’t book in advance you will not get any notification of changed locations or cancellations. We will always turn up for the tour if someone has booked, but if there have been no bookings for a tour it is very likely that it will be cancelled. And don’t forget, some of the walks are discounted for those who book online.

How early should I arrive for the walk?

Please come 15 minutes before the allotted time so that we are ready to go promptly.

What happens if I don’t turn up on time?

The Guide will leave promptly at the designated time. Although there may be an introduction to the tour nearby, this will be brief.

What happens if I fail to turn up? Will I get a refund?

No, we’re afraid not. If there are extenuating circumstances why you were unable to come, please drop us a line at [email protected] and we will try to find a space for you on a later date but we cannot guarantee this.

Will the walk ever be cancelled?

It is very unlikely. The main reason for a tour being cancelled would be a major transportation issue, although this is extremely rare. The Guides live in London, so can make use of the tube and bus network and will follow up to date transport information to try to prevent any problems. Very rarely extreme weather conditions could prevent a tour going ahead, but even in heavy rain or snow tours generally continue (bring your umbrellas and ponchos if bad weather is predicted!)

In the event of cancellation, we will endeavour to let you know with as much notice as possible by either email or SMS and provide a full and prompt refund or offer an alternative date/tour if preferable.

How long do walks last?

The duration of our walks vary. Most are either 2 hours or 2.5 hours. Check the details of the individual walking tour for further information.

How far do we walk?

This depends on the tour. All of the walks will have between 5 and 15 stops, with a 3-5 minute walk between them.

Will the tour always be the same?

The theme of the tour will not deviate from what is advertised, although the guide reserves the right to alter the content and route.

How many people are in a group?

We are keen to ensure that the groups are not too large. As such, we try to place a limit of 25 for each tour.

Who can come on the walks?

We have a variety of walking tours. Most or our walking tours are suitable for all ages. Some of the other walking tours are not suitable for children, and this is clearly stated when booking the tour.

Are there any discounts for students, Senior Citizens or those on benefits?

Currently we have discounted tickets for under 18s and students, family tickets and all under 5s come for free. Please check each individual tour for further details.

Do you have group concessions?

Please email [email protected] regarding this. Depending on demand, it may be possible, but not a guarantee.

How do I recognise the Guide?

Our guide will be carrying a Wonders of London tag and our red, blue and white umbrella. You will find all the info on your ticket.

Who is responsible for the safety of walkers?

The Guide will remind you of safety precautions at the beginning of each walk, but each member of the group is responsible for their own safety.

Can I leave any Customer Comments?

We encourage your feedback, and as such will provide each member of the tour with our contact details at the end of the tour. Please send your comments to [email protected] and feel free to post your review on Trip Advisor.
As we are a relatively new company, any positive feedback which can be seen on TripAdvisor or our Facebook page is enormously appreciated so that more people can enjoy our tours in the future!
If in the unlikely event that you have a complaint, please email us at [email protected] and we will endeavour to respond promptly.

What do I need to bring? Are there any toilet/refreshment breaks?

We would suggest dressing sensibly for the predicted weather conditions. So a raincoat or small umbrella can be a good idea with the notoriously changeable weather in England! As the tours usually last a maximum of two and a half hours, we will not be stopping for breaks, although we will endeavour to start and finish near to public facilities and shops. We would recommend bringing some water, and using the public facilities before coming on the tour.

Do you cater for disabilities?

At Wonders of London we try to be as inclusive as possible, so if you have any particular disability, please email us beforehand and we will do our best to ensure the tour works for you.

When I book the tour I do I receive my ticket?

You will receive your ticket automatically in the email provided. If you don’t receive your ticket, please email us here [email protected]

Do you allow pets on your tours?

We love dogs, but we permit guide dogs only.