BT is offering red telephone boxes for just £1 each

4,000 of the famous telephone boxes are being offered to communities to preserve their heritage.

Telephone Box £ 1

The ‘Adopt a Kiosk’ scheme enables your community to retain its iconic red kiosk and it is open to the following bodies:

  • Recognised local authority
  • Parish/Community/Town Council or equivalent
  • Registered charity
  • Private land owner (Anyone who has one of our telephone boxes on their land)

James Browne from BT said: “With most people now using mobile phones, it’s led to a huge drop in the number of calls made from payphones.”

“Thousands of communities have already come up with a fantastic array of ideas to reuse their beloved local phone box.”

Would you like to have one telephone box all for yourself?

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  1. Robert David Corbett

    I would really love one so that I can show my grandchildren and their school friends how things use to be.

    I would fill it with unusual and exotic plants for them to see as I believe they may not have much of a future if we do not alter Climate Change.

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Posted by Wonders of London on Friday, 5 April 2019