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Roman Girl Gherkin London

Roman girl buried under The Gherkin

The girl, who was between 13 and 17 years old, was discovered lying on her back, with her arms crossed over her body and she is not described as a...
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London Roman Ruins Hairdresser

Hidden Roman ruins in a hair salon in the City of London

For the hidden Roman ruins series, we are today in Leadenhall Market, one of the most beautiful and oldest markets in London, dating from the 14th century.
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London Roman Ruins Car Park

Hidden Roman ruins in a car park in the City of London

On London Wall, where the Museum of London once stood, you'll find the remains of a Roman castrum, a fortified camp for soldiers!
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Centre London Trafalgar Square

The exact centre of London… where is it?

Talking about central London is always a somewhat controversial and complex topic, given the vastness of what could be defined as central London.
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London Elfin Oak Kensington Gardens

The Elfin Oak in Kensington Gardens

The Elfin Oak is a wonderful sculpture made from the trunk of a 900-year-old oak from Richmond Park and donated by Lady Fortescue, to improve the structures present in the...
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Smallest Shopping Arcade London

The smallest shopping arcade in London

A real hidden gem, a small arcade with some local shops such as a small supermarket, a pharmacy and a hairdresser, part of the Dolphin Square residential complex.
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Effra Lost River South London

River Effra, the lost river of South London

The Effra once flowed through Brixton until it met the Thames right here in Vauxhall, in front of MI6, the British secret services building.
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Iron Structures Canal London

Strange iron structures along the canal in London: what are they?

These guards were installed with the simple purpose of protecting the masonry from the wear and tear caused by the horse tow ropes.
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First Public Drinking Fountain London

The first public drinking fountain in London

The first public drinking fountain in London was installed in April 1859 and became so popular that hundreds of people lined up every day.
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