“Jack The Ripper Tour” for everyone!

I am very proud to talk about this great collaboration with the Empowering Deaf Society. On 6th March we organised a ‘Jack The Ripper’ Tour with an interpreter, as proposed...
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An Oasis in the City: St. Dunstain in-the-East

Probably you have been wondering around the City hoping to find a hidden corner where to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Well, this green oasis is called...
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The Original Routemaster Buses – No. 9 & No. 15

The red double-decker bus is undeniably one of London’s attractions. However, you will notice that the ones that are running through the Capital’s street are brand new ones. But… what...
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5 Unusual Artworks in London

When you move to a big city like London, you feel like you never get to see everything, and I love it! London is dynamic, it is always changing without...
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Free Event St Patrick’s Day London 2019

The London St Patrick’s Day Festival, now approaching its seventieth year, attracts more than 125,000 people to events across London and to the parade and festival in central London and...
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4 Famous Ghosts in London

In the misty darkness… alone… when you suddenly start feeling a presence… you turn…nobody is there… you get goosebumps and you realise that the only escape route possible is running...
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6 Best Free Viewpoints in London

The sun is shining… almost blinding you… the sky is clear… when in London you must take advantage of these special moments, you never know how long they will last...
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Chinese New Year – London 2019 – Year of the PIG!

It’s already half way through January and you have strayed from your New Year’s resolutions? No need to worry, the Chinese New Year gives you a second chance! It will...
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halloween week fun activites

The craziest Halloween Week in London: Fun Activities and Events

Three things are happening: the days are getting darker and darker, spider webs are starting to pop up everywhere around the house, and all the shops are placing huge pumpkin-related...
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