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Back in Time to 19th-century London

‘Time machine’ they say – no it’s not possible. But what if I told you that you can take the tube and be catapulted into 19th-century London? The first time I discovered the area I remember telling my friends: “Guys it feels like being in the 1800s.”

Roupell Street

Take the tube to Waterloo Station and head to Roupell Street. No time machines, no magic, simply the underground. No need for anyone to tell you that you have arrived, you will realise it yourself. 70 Georgian houses and a Victorian school building, built with those typical bricks that characterise the architecture of the time.

A bit of history

Survived the Blitz and World War II, this area seems to not get touched by the march of time. It dates back to the 1820s when John Roupell decided to transform this marshy area he owned into a residential neighbourhood. His intention was to build the houses and rent them out to local workers – they don’t seem expensive houses at all. However, they are now. The area has been designated a ‘Conservation Area’ in order to protect it from any development that would break the magic of this enchanted place.

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