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Wonders of London Guides

Wonders of London Guides

Cristina tour guide London


With Cristina, you will uncover the hidden corners and the most fascinating stories of London!

Matt tour guide London


Matt arrived in London over twelve years ago and started wandering the streets.

Mark Wimmers Tour Guide


Loves to wander the streets looking for those small and sometimes almost hidden features that can unlock the history of the City.

Shivam tour guide


Shivam has lived in London all of his life, and can normally be found looking for historical clues and stories hidden in the city’s streets.

Marco tour guide


A long-time resident of London, deeply in love with the United Kingdom, travel, history, and photography!

Daniel Tour Guide London


Daniel hails from Italy but has been living in London long enough to complain about it like a local. He loves the city and its layers of history at every corner.

Rowland tour guide London


Rowland is a life-long Londoner, passionate about music, history and culture, and showing people around his home town.