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A petition is underway for Captain Sir Tom Moore statue outside Parliament

Thousands have already signed the petition launched by Amanda Holden to mark the memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore with a statue.

More than fifty petitions have been started after the news of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s death, asking to memorialise the wonderful NHS charity fundraiser.

The World War Two veteran raised £38million for NHS charities with his incredible charity walk.

Amanda Holden, Britain’s Got Talent judge and Heart Breakfast host, launched a petition on Change.org, writing:

What an absolute joy of a man ❤️

A National Hero who brought us all together and shone so much light in such a dark time. His indomitable spirit and sense of humour taught us so much and while he has left an enormous legacy, let’s show generations to come what it was to be brave, courageous and spirited with a statue of Captain Sir Tom Moore outside the Houses of Parliament forever more.

Join me and Heart Breakfast to sign this petition to get things moving. Amanda xxx

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