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A new ‘brilliant’ design for Piccadilly Circus Tube Station…

The design was created by David Hockney, considered one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century.

Sadiq Khan wrote on Twitter: “Brilliant work from David Hockney in Piccadilly—the first of a series of major art projects we’ve commissioned as part of our brand new #LetsDoLondon campaign. Lots more to come very soon! #DavidHockney.”

But replies from users were quite funny:

“If you had said this was a children’s competition to redesign the logo and this was the winner I’d have [believed] it”.

“All artists are prepared to suffer for their work”.

“It’s a real shame that David Hockney expects the rest of us to f****** suffer on his behalf”.

“It’s a shame London isn’t packed with creative artists who’ve had a really rough year and could’ve used both the money and the exposure this would provide, while also being a brilliant showcase for the city’s diversity, pride and passion”.

“He’s from Bradford and has lived in LA since 1964. What’s his relevance to London? Give the commission to a young London artist”.

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