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7 Places To Watch The FIFA 2018 World Cup In London

Find out here where you can watch all matches of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in London! Don’t miss out the best games here in London!

World Cup Football London
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Where To Watch The FIFA 2018 World Cup In London

7 – The Magic Roundabout, Old Street

Why not launch you 2018 FIFA World Cup experience with a launch party at this fascinating place located right in the middle of the Old Street Roundabout? With artisanal coffees, DJ’s from some of London’s popular clubs, cocktails and craft beers and many other things. The East is changing and the Old Street area is one of the hubs of this change. Whether you are for or against gentrification (Cereal Killer Cafe, WTF), it is a part of our history that has to be seen to be believed this promises to be a world cup experience like no other. All of England’s games will be shown with surround sound, however while all other games will be shown they will be muted as the event will be accompanied by a disco that will be running daily from 4pm. Music will include Soul, Reggae, Funk and Disco among many others as they rotate DJ’s. They will also be offering great deals on drinks and burgers so keep an open eye!

For more information checkout their website: The Magic Roundabout

6 – Flat Iron Square, London Bridge

This is a wonderful place to relax with a refreshing drink or a meal near the famous London Bridge. It is built up around 7 of the old Victorian railway arches and the Grade II listed building Devonshire House which helps bring about an authentic feeling of Victorian London. Opened in 2016, it boasts a brilliant array of line up bars, street food trucks, food vendors, restaurants, a weekly vintage market and, among many other fascinating things, a daring project to open up a largely car free walkway within the city. For the World Cup they will have 2 large outdoor screens in “The Garden” and some of the restaurants will be showing all the games inside so this will be a fantastic place to watch the games! Why not join our Tower Walk Tour that begins in London Bridge station?

Tables are on a first come first serve basis so be sure to check out their website for more information: Flat Iron Square

5 – Last Days of Shoreditch, Shoreditch

With a wonderful Enchanted Garden with a tropical beach area, swinging hammock beds, a fountain and specially commissioned sound instillations, the Last Days of Shoreditch is an amazing place to visit. There are vendors selling mouth watering food ranging from vegan delights to gourmet burgers, several bars and restaurants, music events and karaoke and art instillations. For the world cup The Enchanted Garden have unveiled one of London’s biggest screens with all of the England matches on offer and several other games as well. This will be an ideal place to cheer your country then celebrate or commiserate with drinks and/or an amazing meal. Why not join one of our Street Art and Graffiti that goes past the area?
For more information and bookings for Last Days of Shoreditch check out their website: Last Days of Shoreditch

4 – Boxpark, Croydon and Shoreditch

Boxpark is an interesting project involving the world’s first pop up mall which combines the idea of the modern street food market with local and international brands next to each other. It is a unique experience and quite often they have several musical performances a week. Located in Shoreditch (the first branch) and Croydon the Boxpark offers great food at reasonable prices. The entire outlet is made up of recycled shipping containers making it a somewhat sustainable way to operate business. For the World cup they will be having special ticketed screenings for some of the bigger games at both the Shoreditch and Croydon venues and the atmosphere they provide is one that will fit in with football and food fans alike.

For more information check out their website: Boxpark

3 – Tropicana Beach Club, Covent Garden

Open every Thursday to Saturday from 5pm to 2.30am this is a fantastic place for people to enjoy London’s varied nightlife in the heart of the city. Designed to replicate a tropical place this is a place full of fun; it is truly a party paradise. For the world cup they have several big screens to enjoy the action from and will be showing all of England’s games so it is an ideal place for party lovers to cheer England on from! Why not check out one of our Bohemian Soho tours which is just around the corner?

For more details and bookings check out their website: Tropicana Beach Club

2 – Zlatan’s at Infernos, Clapham

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an infamous icon of the beautiful game and arguably one of the greatest players ever! Zlatan has an ego to match his tremendous skill on the field and this world cup venue has been designed as a larger than life place to watch the world cup from, it has truly been modelled to fit Ibra’s outrageous tastes! Zlatan’s is a pop up world cup venue in the Infernos nightclub in Clapham. They will have a massive screen and arena style seating from where you can enjoy the biggest games. There will also be trumpets, several other screens, terrace seating and football sing-along’s. If you want to watch the competition in a slightly more authentic footie style then this is the place for you!

Check out their website for more details and booking info: Zlatan’s at Infernos

1 – The Riverside, Vauxhall

This is a great bar and restaurant in Vauxhall that overlooks the river and offer a great menu for food and drinks. With wonderful decor it is the ideal place to relax and catch a game. During England’s matches they are offering the first round of drinks free for groups of more than 4 people. They have several screens throughout the pub for you to catch all of the action and they will be showing all of the games so this is the ideal place to cheer your country on! Why not join one of our Spies and Intrigue tours that ends in Vauxhall before heading on to support your favourite team?

For more info check out their website: The Riverside

Bonus – Home, or your Local

Of course we can’t be expected to catch every single game in several different places around London! One of the best places to keep up to date with the competition is at home or even better your local! Lots of great local pubs are losing business and the world cup is one great way to visit your local and show them support while also enjoying the game with friends and family!

And of course there are some who are not into football at all. If you happen to fall into this bracket then worry not! We will have several free walking tours running so why not join us on one of our many tours or check out our previous article: 7 Wonderful things to do in London this month June

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